Powering movements with a touch.

The impulse commerce platform for social streams and mobile experiences.

How it works …

We created Klickly so we and our peers can buy or give, wherever, whenever the mood strikes. With one touch. We don't have short attention spans, we're just really busy :)

We think buying — and giving — should be an instant, painless process;


your audience is on mobile and social, resulting in fewer page views and placements for monetization. With Klickly, drive a higher net CPM per page (O&O or social) while providing a unique experience for your readers:

One Touch Buy | Lead Gen | Social & Mobile | Cross-platform Data

Artists & Influencers

you have millions of fans across your networks who want to know, and buy, what to drink, wear, support. With Klickly, you can:

Charity Fundraise | Sell Merch | Give away VIP Experiences | Capture New Leads


you already spend on advertising in social streams, ads, and emails. There’s only one, single-click-buy option to uniformly sell across all these channels. With Klickly you can:

Sell Products | Enlist Influencers | VIP Giveaways | Lead Gen | Cross-Platform Data

We Drive...


Sell products in social, emails, and ads with one touch with our impulse-buying userflow


Single-confirmation donations make for frictionless giving across social streams, emails and ads

Lead Gen

Capture new leads and build lists with our third party-verified promotion and giveaway technology


Streamline campaign contributions - across social, emails, and in ads - with our fully compliant political flow

We Enable...

Cross-platform Analytics

Aggregate user metrics and insights in one convenient location.

Responsive Layout

Mobile-optimized layout works on iOS, Android, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

Developer Tools

RESTful API + additional integration tools.

We Are Everywhere...

Powering calls-to-action across 10+ social streams, within emails and ads!


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